Since 1955, the Abbott Family has specialized in offering YOU the best produce and southern gourmet canned items in the South. All peaches from Abbott Farms are HAND-PICKED and HAND-PACKED into our custom peach gift boxes and shipped directly to your door.

As you may have heard, South Carolina and Georgia’s 2017 peach crop suffered a late winter freeze. All peach growers were affected by the freeze but thankfully, Abbott Farms escaped with only partial damage to our peach crop. We WILL have peaches all summer long in all of our 6 store locations in South Carolina! In order to meet the demand in our stores and with quality uncertainties, we will NOT be shipping our peach gift boxes this year.

Thank you to our loyal Abbott Farms customers for your patience and understanding! We’re already praying that the 2018 peach season will be better than ever and we’re looking forward to shipping out our peach gift boxes again next year.