From a roadside stand to 3 fully stocked markets. It all started back in ’55 when our grand folks opened a tiny peach stand on a two-lane country road in hopes of earning enough extra money to buy one of those new TV sets that were all the rage.

Word of their tasty, tree-ripened peaches spread quickly, and so did Abbott Farms’ variety. Local-grown and mornin’ picked melons and vegetables were soon added to the assortment, as well as a pantry’s worth of chow chow, jams, jellies, pickles, peanuts, pecans, salsas, syrups and local honey.  So satisfy your thirst, try some of their famous ciders made fresh each season with South Carolina’s finest peaches, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, muscadine and scuppernong grapes.

Of course, as the selection grew, Abbott Farms did, too. Still family owned and operated, our 3 markets along I-85 and I-26 are satisfying the tastes of those traveling through or livin’ in South Carolina’s Spartanburg and Cherokee counties. Stop in for some free samples whenever you’re in our neck of the woods.

By and by, we opened an Abbott Farms online store, too, and soon began shipping our fresh, delicious peaches and gift items to people from coast to coast.

In store, online or as a lucky gift recipient, it doesn’t matter how you get your Abbott Farms products. We hope you will enjoy our goods and we want you to know you’re getting the finest, freshest, tastiest items this side of South Carolina!

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