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Get more bang for your buck at all 3 Abbott Farms locations, where you’ll find a super selection of Red Star fireworks all year-round. Celebrate with aerials, cones, firecrackers, fountains, missiles, rockets, roman candles, sparklers and more – including 12 brands of 500-gram fireworks. At great prices, too. As one of the South’s largest fireworks dealers, our buying power often blows away the others!


Please be certain to read and follow all safety instructions that come with the fireworks. Follow your local and state laws regarding the possession and use of fireworks, and use good common sense when using fireworks. Read all directions, cautions, labels, and warnings on each individual firework item to understand the product performance and hazards associated with the use of the item. Use only those fireworks permitted under the laws of the state and local jurisdiction in which you are using the fireworks. Fireworks are NOT available for shipping; ALL fireworks must be purchased in a retail store.